How We Started


It happened really quickly. Jennifer is always baking something. She has been baking tasty treats for 20 years. But last summer she decided to make donuts. The problem with donuts is that you can't just make one or two or three. You have to make a couple dozen at a time.  So we went out and got all the ingredients she needed. And then she worked all day on preparing them. They turned out great. All of them. We ate them all. We couldn't eat anymore donuts. So we gave away the extra dozens to our friends, family and neighbors. They quickly wanted more. Jennifer made more. We ate more. We gave away much more. They asked for MORE DONUTS.

Shane's wheels started turning.  Everybody knows where to get donuts that taste average. But it's hard to find really good donuts, warm and fresh. He crunched the numbers. Jen was excited. He ran the numbers again. Jen said she was in.  After encouragement from the friends and family they decided to go for it. Jennifer came up with the name and Shane started thinking about the logo. Jennifer loves the word JOY. And Shane thought that the donuts should taste like donuts used to taste like. Back when they were made fresh.

From there it really snowballed as everything fell into place. There were some bumps and hurdles. But if you're reading this it's probably because you've tried Jennifer's  JOY DONUTS. We hope you'll try more and tell your friends about the best donuts you've ever had.

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